Skiing on frozen sea

Photo by Johanna Vilhunen

Eurohostel – smart choice for a budget conscious traveler!

Helsinki is offering a wide range of rooms and beds for travelers. 

How is Eurohostel different? 

Helsinki's friendliest hostel
Always open
Free WiFi
Own restaurant


Peaceful location with public transportation close by
No curfew
Possibility for late check-out
Beds available in
smaller rooms instead of
big dormitory rooms


Ecological Eurohostel

Responsible and ecological matters are important to us. We also like to represent these values to our customers.

For us ecological means 100% renewable green hydropower, using district heading and waste separation and recycling.

Our customer toilets have automatic faucets, toilet seats have 2 flush options and instead of paper tissues we use hand dryers. Showers facilities have motion activated showers. All our toilet and shower facilities as well as our sauna facilities have lighting that works according need.

Our customer kitchen does not have disposable dishes and cutlery. Cooking plates work with timer.

Our office recycles papers, cardboard, batteries, glass, metal, fluorescent lamps and broken electronic devices. Thanks to recycling we will produce less waste. Waste that is not recyclable is converted into energy by burning by waste management. In year 2015 we will offer our customers easier options to recycle.

We have pursued to affect our associates so that they would also work in more ecological manner.

We take part in Earth Hour. We support recycling with donating goods to flea market.

Eurohostel is a non-smoking property.

Make your stay more ecological:

  • Shut the lights and electrical appliances when you leave the room
  • Use our heat isolating curtains to moderate the room temperature
  • Open the window only for quick ventilation
  • Use the stairs instead of elevator
  • Drink tap water instead of bottled water
  • Use public transportation, hire a bicycle or walk to get to know the city  


Quality in Eurohostel

Quality of our service is important to us. Service is a chain that links the whole accommodation experience from check in to check out. Customer feedback is a good indicator for quality and for
that reason we value all feedback. Thanks to feedback from our customers we can improve our services and answer to our customers´ needs. We follow our service quality continuously with our own indicators. We are also part in two quality systems; Quality1000 tailored to Finnish tourism companies and HI-Quality tailored to hostels.


Quality1000 is a tailored quality system to tourism companies. This program directs us towards long-term and systematic quality development work. Eurohostel has been working according this program since 2007.


HI Quality Management System focuses on hostel management and operations. It takes best practices from quality systems around the world and tailors them to specific needs to hostels. HI-Q enables Eurohostel to consistently improve and deliver high standards to ensure customers have a great hostel experience. Eurohostel received HI-Q certificate in September 2014.

”Quality is a continuous process for us and these quality awards are important milestones on the way”