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Your Social Hub For Exploring Everything In Helsinki!

Looking for a budget hotel in Central Helsinki? Look no further! Our hostel offers great value for your money. And you get the best deal when you book right here!


Available ONLY when you book directly on our website:

  • No booking fee
  • No deposit
  • Instant confirmation
  • All room types bookable
  • Late Check Out
  • Free Sauna

Great location in Central Helsinki, cozy atmosphere, friendly staff with a wealth of knowledge on Helsinki – and all for an attractive price. What's not to like?

And we're open 24/7!

STANDARD single room
From €44.70/person
BUDGET single room
From €41.60/person
STANDARD twin room
From €25.30/person
BUDGET twin room
From €22.65/person
STANDARD triple room
From €21.65/person
BUDGET triple room
From €19.05/person

Why choose Eurohostel?

  • Friendly and social atmosphere
  • Open 24/7
  • Many different room types
  • Free WiFi
  • Tasty breakfast
  • No curfew
  • Possibility for late check-out
  • Peaceful location with public transportation close by
  • Free morning Sauna
  • Eco-friendly
  • Member of Hostelling International
  • HI-Quality and Sustainability certified

Looking for a traditional Finnish sauna? We got it! Authentic Finnish sauna experience is available free for our guests – but only when you book direct from us! And if you’re into cooking, you’re free to use our self-service kitchens.

Traditional finnish sauna
Spacious dressing rooms for men and women
Separate saunas for men and women
Self-service kitchens are free to use for our guests

“Couldn’t have a better spot Hostel, situated better than most of the hotels! Silent, very clean, comfortable, beautiful place, staff very helpful and nice!” Jordi, Spain

“Clean, nice hostel near the city center. I absolutely loved the morning sauna - it is free if you stay at Eurohostel. Staff was friendly and helpful, you can buy public transportation tickets at the reception. I can only recommend the place.” Szonja, Hungary

“The staff was very friendly and ready to help. On the first day I had some problems with my bank card. I was allowed to pay for several nights, and for the rest later on. I appreciate this opportunity very much. I also had some issue with the window in my room, and one of the staff members came with me to fix it. It was really nice.” Tatiana, Austria

Get together with other travellers and experience everything Helsinki has to offer! Your best starting point is – of course – Eurohostel, your friendly Helsinki City Hub!


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Allas Sea Pool is just a short stroll away.
Rent a bike from the reception! Our staff can help you with route planning, as well.
Eurohostel Helsinki
There's always something going on in the City. Ask our reception for daily tips!
There's always something going on in the City. Ask our reception for daily tips!
Sea is always close, and so are seagulls.
If nature is your thing, our staff has plenty of tips for day trips to enjoy nature.
Street festivals...yes, but only in the summer!
To conquer Suomenlinna Sea Fortress, you need to walk 800 meters from our door and grab a ferry. Simple as that!

Bustling Helsinki awaits you when you walk out our front door! Most sights of Helsinki are within a short walking distance from us: Market Square, Tori Quarters, Allas Sea Pool, Esplanade Park, the ferry to Suomenlinna Sea Fortress…


Katajanokka is a peaceful district in Central Helsinki right by the sea, yet it’s just a short stroll to many of the main attractions. And the nearest tram stop is only a few dozen meters away from our front door!

Linnankatu 9
00160 Helsinki

+358 9 622 0470

Ecological Eurohostel

Sustainability and ecological responsibility are important to us. We do our best to minimise your ecological footprint when you stay with us.

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According to our business idea, our hostel is intended for all tourists who need temporary accommodation.

Our accommodation prices are dynamic. The prices vary daily according to the current demand. More demand for a night means higher prices for that night and correspondingly lower demand means lower prices. The demand situation is usually increasing day after day, so it is always advisable to make the best possible accommodation in good time before the prices have time to rise.
In addition, you can get the best benefits by booking directly from our website:
- Price guarantee
- Late check-out (17:00) free of charge *
- Free evening sauna *
- No prepayment
- No booking fee
- Immediate booking confirmation

* Subject to availability
At the hostel you only pay for the services you need. The level of service and equipment in hostels is simpler than in hotels and is also reflected in lower prices. Our rooms do not have their own bathroom, but the corridors have their own shower and toilet facilities for both men and women. Guests have access to self-catering kitchens and laundry facilities.

Breakfast is usually not included in our prices and can be purchased at our reception even in the morning.
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