Think Green!

Ecological Eurohostel

Responsible and ecological matters are important to us. We also like to represent these values to our customers.  Early year 2019 we had a questionnaire on our website where we asked if the ecology of the accommodation provider has influence on which one you choose. Over three out of four (76,8 %) of 734 people answered yes.

For us ecological means 100% renewable energy (EKOenergy certified), using district heating, waste separation and recycling.

Our customer toilets have automatic faucets, toilet seats have 2 flush options and instead of paper tissues we use hand dryers. Showers facilities have motion activated showers. All our toilet and shower facilities as well as our sauna facilities have lighting that works according to need.

Our customer kitchen does not have disposable dishes and cutlery. Cooking plates work with timer. Hot Drink vending machine in our lobby provides Fairtrade certified drinks.

Our office recycles papers, cardboard, batteries, glass, metal, fluorescent lamps and broken electronic devices. Thanks to recycling we will produce less waste. Waste that is not recyclable is converted into energy by burning by waste management. Since 2015 we have provided our customers a possibility to recycle in the room and also in our Recycling Center. There are recycling bins for bio waste, batteris, glass, metal, cardboard and paper.

We have pursued to affect our associates so that they would also work in more ecological manner.

Eurohostel is a non-smoking property.

On September 2019 our hostel was given an international HI-Q&S Quality and Sustainability Certificate by Hostelling International.

We think green also in these areas

  • We aspire to use only eco-labelled paper products
  • We aspire to use only fluorescent lamps with 20 000 hours of lifetime
  • Over 97 % of lamps we use are energy level A or better
  • Over 20 % of the lamps are timer or sensor controlled
  • We take in Earth Hour annually
  • We support recycling by donating non-reclaimed lost & found items to flea markets
  • We donate 10 % of our Evening Sauna sales to environmentalism

Make your stay more ecological

  • Shut the lights and electrical appliances when you leave the room
  • Use our heat isolating curtains to moderate the room temperature
  • Open the window only for quick ventilation
  • Use the stairs instead of elevator
  • Drink tap water instead of bottled water
  • Use public transportation, hire a bicycle or walk to get to know the city

Results of our Environmental Program

  • Total amount of waste decreased 1,2 % year 2018 compared to year before
  • Electricity consumption decreased 5,7 % year 2018 compared to year before
  • District heating consumption decreased 4,5 % year 2018 compared to year before
  • Water consumption increased 7,3 % year 2018 compared to year before
  • We donated 10 % of our Evening Sauna sales in year 2018 to Clean Baltic Sea Project, that removed 2 tons of seaweed from Baltic Sea thanks to our donation!
  • We provide our customers a possibility to compensate their carbon dioxide emissions of their accommocation on the Booking Engine on our website. The funds will be directed to Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation to acquire and protect nature areas.