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Stay safe at Eurohostel

Here is how we can act to avoid corona (COVID-19) pandemia spreading:

We take your health seriously

  • We have changed our detergents to disinfectants
  • There are hand sanitizers available for customer use throughout the common spaces in the hostel
  • We clean the surfaces more often on our common spaces
  • We clean the payment stations and reception desk regularly
  • We have an acrylic protective shield at the reception desk
  • The customers are not accommodated on neighboring rooms when possible
  • We have added paper hand towels on our bathrooms
  • The breakfast will be served again starting 1st June 2021
  • The number of customers allowed is limited in the restaurant
  • We remind our customers about corona actions by info stickers and on our info screens
  • We give all our customers general safety instructions on paper how to act during corona pandemic and how to pay attention to others
  • We follow the corona pandemic situation and follow the instructions of local authorities
  • We distribute disinfectant wet wipes to our guests

What we expect of you

  • Please come to the hostel and restaurant only healthy and free of corona symptoms
  • Keep the distance (1,5 meters) to other customers and staff
  • Take care of hand hygiene; wash your hands carefully and often enough
  • Use the hand sanitizers when needed
  • Using mask is not obligatory, but highly recommended
  • Avoid using cash, prefer contactless payment
  • Use handkerchief, cough or sneeze to your arm if you do not have one

Did you leave your hand sanitizer at home or did you run out of it? No worries, our reception sells small hand sanitizer bottles for only 3 €.